About Us

More than a contract plastic parts manufacturer.

Going beyond producing high-quality, cost-effective parts, FMT has a winning track record of partnering with its clients and delivering successful business outcomes. With over $3B in retail product sales designed, manufactured and sold by FMT and or it’s ownership, we understand the exacting demands required to take a product or component to market. Market expertise includes consumer goods, building materials, agriculture, marine, and automotive just to name a few.

We invest the time to understand our clients business needs and employ a dynamic client-centered approach to every opportunity we are presented with.


FMT has made significant investments in 3D prototyping and printing, modern, all-electric presses, automation solutions and machining. These investments translate into high-quality parts, on-time delivery, and unparalleled value for our clients.

Located in the Midwest. Partnering Worldwide.

Made in the USA, we’re located in the heart of the midwest with cost-effective access to the eastern seaboard and beyond. Housing the latest in all-electric high-tonnage presses and production automation, our facilities are located in over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space where we provide our clients with the highest levels of quality and efficiency found in the industry.

Located in the USA doesn’t mean we take a local perspective. We enjoy an international presence and have forged a number of client partnerships in Europe and other countries acting as their US production headquarters. Having a manufacturing footprint in the USA provides our overseas partners with business and strategic advantages they couldn’t realize otherwise.

We are also proud to play an important role in helping American companies reshore production, where the cost and quality advantages are no longer realized overseas.

The combination of full-service plastic parts manufacturing, business acumen and financial strength, leads to successful parts programs.

Contact us to discuss your plastic injection needs and how we can support your success.